A Brief Review on Dedicated Hosting

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Before going for a blogging site, or any kind of eCommerce site, a person has to decide about the hosting option. In fact, web hosting is a major concern in any kind of web based business. Basically there are two kinds of hosting options are available. These are shared hosting, and dedicated hosting. Among these two, the former one is not so flexible and feature rich in comparison to the later, the dedicated server hosting. Let’s have an analytical view about the dedicated server hosting.

What Exactly is Dedicated Hosting?

As the name suggests this is one of the most personalized hosting options. It means you are only user to host your sites through the server. Naturally, you are going to enjoy all the resources available with the server for your website. That’s the reason this has become a favourite option for the high-end websites. The webmasters having many years of experience always prefer to go with the dedicated web hosting.

Bandwidth and Storage Space

This is the aspect for which the dedicated server is much favourable. Being the only user for the server you are open to enjoy the complete bandwidth. However, most of the hosting companies provide infinite storage space and bandwidth for the dedicated server. There are some other companies those tie the bandwidth cost with monthly amount for the dedicated server. It is still beneficial as you have the option to deal at your way.


As we have mentioned above this is pretty much personalized. Users enjoy the complete resource. Now, it is apparent that you have to pay higher for the better facilities. Dedicated server hosting is costlier than shared hosting options where many other users also enjoy the same server resources. Normally, it costs around $30-$50 for dedicated hosting service. In comparison you can have the shared hosting service at around $10. Save more money by using bluehost coupons.


This is one aspect through which you can decide whether you should go with dedicated hosting or not. One has to posses the all knowledge of activities involved in making a site ready through the dedicated hosting server. Though the administration part can be handled by making some extra payment, still it is not recommended as it becomes too costly. Hence, you should be aware of all the web master tools before going for this.


This is another positive aspect of dedicated server hosting. The user can assure and manipulate his/her security concerns through the dedicated server only. There are absolutely no fears of malware, spyware, virus and other security related issue as the server hosts only your sites. In addition, you can install your security software, scripts as well for the better protection.

SEO Friendly

The SEO friendly nature of dedicated hosting server forces the top bloggers to go with it. This is search engine friendly and almost no fear of getting blacklisted. This is so as there is no way available for the spammers or blackhat appliers. Dedicated server is best way to get rid of the pornography spams. Until and unless you do something unethical according to IT laws you are obvious to enjoy the SEO optimized tools with the dedicated server hosting. Know more about dedicated hosting by visiting this link: http://www.hostingdecisions.com/


It looks pretty obvious for it to play well after going through the above points. The loading time is pretty satisfactory as there is always one way traffic available for your server. With the mammoth bandwidth and storage space the dedicated server hosting always ensures best performance.

Check Domain History before you Buy One

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Domain Names

While buying a domain for a website, many people prefer buying a domain that is previously owned, because these domains are usually available for lower the original price. Old domains don't usually create problems but pre-owned ones sometimes do. What if the second hand domain you are buying had issues with Google search? It could have black hat SEO issues or something else that made it down-ranked in Google search results. All your investment will go into vein then. To make sure that doesn't happen, it is wise to run a background check on the domain you are planning to buy.

What’s the Good News?

The good news is; internet really is an open place. You can't really own a domain without leaving remarkable traces and creating a domain history. So the domain you are planning to buy must have its own history which you have to find out and judge before it is bought. It is very easy to know if the domain had any malicious activities on the website or inappropriate content history on it; or maybe it was as clean as a white slate. The domain could even be owned by many previous owners; make sure you aren't taking anything rotten in your plate.

Since the past is very important to search engines on internet, it is required to check every page of it before you are about to buy a pre-owned domain. Don't just take a ride if it just got the looks you have been looking for. Rather, do your research. Prevention is better than cure!

How to Check the History of Domains

Since there are issues with history of domains, the internet is populated with plenty of tools to check out the history. It can find out the background of almost any domain on the internet. If it can't, just refrain from buying that particular domain! It must have an issue or it malfunctions.

Mentioned below are few best tools that are very popular with their respective users.

Domain Tools

If you are asking for the ‘best’ tool, we can suggest you 'Domain Tools'. This is often called the best because it is full of options! DNS Tools, Domain Monitor, Reverse IP, Domain History – these are some most used tools in Domain Tools. This is a paid service though. For $49.50 per month, you get to avail the service. There’s nothing called a free lunch on earth; every good thing costs money.

Internet Wayback Machine

If you don't want an expensive service then Internet Wayback Machine is the tool you are looking for. An open source organization named 'Internet Archive' has created this free & open source tool that everyone can use for free. Just time travel through past and find out everything you need to know.

Whois Database

Checking the domain Whois Database is another best thing you could do about knowing the history of a domain. It’s a free tool and contains past activities, owner information, various statistics etc.

Norton Safe Web

Check the security background of the domain you are willing to purchase with this website. It lets you know whether the domain was ever involved in any malicious or harmful activities. To check the safety, Norton Safe Web is indeed the best tool.


Buying a brand new domain is the safest practice, but if it’s not possible then these tools can get the job done for you. The history checking tools are really trustworthy and save your day!